Wouldn’t you like to read a story about these two? We can write that for you. And make them sisters…or anything else you might enjoy. 😉

NOTE: We are currently accepting commissioned work on a very limited basis only. Email us to see if it’s a good fit and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Xoxoxo


Here at Delphi, we write a lot of smut for a lot of different people and places and…shall we say…tastes. And we know as well as you do that sometimes your favorite kink is tough to find out there, especially written just the way you want it.

We would be delighted to write a custom erotica story for you—give us as much or little detail as you like. We can ghostwrite for publication, or just for your more personal use. Custom smut makes a delightful gift, by the way!

Since this is direct to you and suited for your specific pleasure, we would be delighted to write on any kink you can dream up, no matter how impossibly filthy. Really—nothing is off limits here. It would be our pleasure to tell your tale.

Short boring disclaimer: We do require that characters remain 18+, although age play is of course welcome. And snuff is not generally our thing (though we did write a snuff piece that was set within a fantasy/dream/mind control scene with some malevolent tentacled things, and the poor wretched girl was just fine in the end, so that’s negotiable.) But pretty much everything else? It’s on.

Send us a note and we can discuss specifics. Our rates are variable depending on the specifics and scope of the story requested, and how much detail you provide as background. A general estimate is 2-3 cents per word. Audio and potentially video recordings in addition to, or in place of, stories are also available. 😉

(That would be delphierotica at gmail dot com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.)