Author Amy Crowe specializes in pseudo-incest, alpha males, BDSM themes, gangbangs, and dubcon of all varieties. She’s a dirty, dirty bird.

Some of her work is so taboo that it is available exclusively through our secure private store. A taste of Amy’s very taboo erotica we’ll release there soon includes the following:

  • Owning My Little Virgin
    (Daddy dom, incest erotica, BDSM, D/s, breeder)

  • Daddy Please Don’t
    (Daddy dom, dubcon, incest erotica, STRONG BDSM, painslut, humiliation)

  • Ganged by Her Big Brothers
    (Gangbang, incest erotica, dubcon, BDSM)

  • Her Stepbrother’s Slave
    (Interracial BDSM, incest erotica, choke play, humiliation)

  • Daddy’s Little Breeder
    (Daddy dom, breeder slave, BDSM, incest erotica)

  • Ripping Her Innocence
    (Daddy dom, interracial gangbang, virgin incest erotica, dubcon, forced incest, choke play, BDSM…this one has it all)

  • Promised to Grandpa
    (Age play, old man erotica, dubcon, humiliation, disgust erotica)

  • Hannah’s Initiation
    (Zoophilia, dubcon, BDSM, humiliation)
  • Until we get all that juiciness uploaded however, or if you just want more, simply visit Amy Crowe’s Amazon page. She publishes new stories there every week too. xoxox

    The “Family Therapy” series includes the full saga (so far) of psychiatrist Dr. Hall and his unchecked lustful urges toward the young, virginal patients who visit his office. This set of stories includes themes of BDSM, gangbangs, dubious consent, and other deliciousness.

    In the “Office Hours” series, naive virgin Mia gets in over her head when she comes into the sights of her rather particular professor, Richard. Richard does not hesitate to show the inexperienced girl just how to follow directions. She’ll need to be more obedient if she’s going to have his baby, after all. But when Mia’s failure to do as she is told disappoints Richard, the esteemed professor recruits some assistance from the college dean to properly discipline her for her disobedience. Contains BDSM D/s themes, bondage, painslut, student-professor domination, breeder slave, etc etc….